Cayambe-Coca Reserve: March 1, 2008

A fine morning of birding near the antenas above Papallacta yielded some amazing bearing as well.  I stumbled upon a female Spectacled Bear with her two cubs as they were feeding on plants and berries in the elfin forest.  They seemed interested but not overly concerned by my presence.  I was captivated, of course, and my attention was swayed for only an instant by a raucous Tawny Antpitta as I watched the ursine family amble about for more than an hour.

For more information and pictures concerning my experience with the bears, please read my article endorsing the Andean Bear Conservation Project, based here in Ecuador.

Notable birds seen: Variable Hawk, Carruncalated Caracara, Ecuadorian Hillstar, Blue-Mantled Thornbill, Red-Rumped Bush Tyrant, Andean Snipe, Tawny Antpitta, Grass Wren, Silvery Grebe.

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