Yanacocha: June 23, 2008

I was excited to use my new camera to photograph birds, so I dragged Aimee and my friend E.J. to Yanacocha. The weather was quite clear early in the morning, and I took some nice shots of hummingbirds perched around the feeders. Birds in flight were difficult to capture though, and I also struggled to rotate between my optical equipment effectively. Just consider all the gear I was carrying around: scope and tripod, binoculars, camera and telephoto lens, iPod and speaker, as well as my field guide, raingear, food, etc. I'll also need to bring a machete along next time to discourage theft.

The Trocha Inca yielded a few surprises this morning, including the Turquoise Jay and the Golden-Crowned Tanager, but I was confounded to encounter a flock of White-Capped Parrots below on the Masked-Trogon Trail. Although we first heard the birds at least ten minutes before we saw them, I wasn't able to locate them perched in a tree until we startled them and they flew across our path. I certainly didn't expect to encounter parrots at 3200m, but Yanacocha is definitely within their typical range, and their behavior conformed closely to the description in the field guide.

Notable birds seen: White-Capped Parrot, Turquoise Jay, Golden-Crowned Tanager, Sword-Billed Hummingbird, Pearled Treerunner, Supercilliaried Hemispingus, Golden-Breasted Puffleg.

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