Mindo Loma: November 23, 2008

Mindo Loma is a nice cloud forest reserve outside of Mindo, owned by the Herrera family, two sons of which are both avid birders and successful guides (Borris was our bird guide on the Sumaco trip). The reserve is well-known for its hummingbird and fruit feeders which support such spectacular species as the Velvet-Purple Coronet and the Black-Chinned Mountain-Tanager. Actually, the Black-Chinned Mountain-Tanager isn't that spectacular, looking like any other yellow and blue mountain-tanager; it's just not often seen, nor did I see it today.

Although not one bird came to the fruit feeders while I was there, the nectar feeders were were teeming with some gorgeous hummingbirds. The Velvet-Purple Coronet might just be the most beautiful hummingbird in the world, as the field guide notes "glittering purple and turquoise green, flashing white tail." I certainly abused the flash on my camera trying to get the right angle to capture the bird's rich iridescence. The regal Empress Brilliant visited the feeders several times as well, although I didn't manage a good photograph; it's marvelous long forked tail enshrouds her like a bronze-colored robe.

Notable birds seen: White-Bellied Woodstar, Fawn-Breasted Brilliant, Empress Brilliant, Brown Inca, Violet-Tailed Sylph, Buff-Tailed Coronet, Velvet-Purple Coronet.

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