Feeder or Fodder?

A few well-placed hummingbird feeders around the yard have attracted a number of fine hummingbirds over the years, including the Giant Hummingbird and the Black-Tailed Trainbearer. Of course, the versatile Sparkling Violetears dominate and their constant sparing outside has become familiar background noise, like the sound of the wind in the trees or traffic on a busy street. On occasion the din attracts another type of feeder, the attractive American Kestrel, which often perches on the electricity wires above the street. Once I even saw one of these falcons on the ground ripping apart a Sparkling Violetear in the vacant lot across the street, just desserts which any birder who has been frustrated by one chasing off a Gould's Jewelfront or a Marvelous Spatuletail could appreciate.

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