Cumbayá Reservoir: November 22, 2009

Cumbayá Reservoir is another migrant trap, located in a suburban community in the interandean valley east of Quito. I used to live very near here actually, but never bothered to check around the reservoir for birds as there is little native vegetation except for a few bushes and trees. Checking the observation database at Aves Ecuador, though, I noticed some recent good finds, including Yellow-Green Vireo, White-Cheeked Pintail, and Sand Martin. Last Sunday afternoon, I found Blue-Winged Teal on the water, Spotted Sandpiper patrolling the shore, Barn Swallow feeding over the water, and Sand Martin perched on some wires overhead. Other interesting sightings here during the last few months include Tropical Mockingbird and Saffron Finch; the latter is normally restricted to Loja Province, but Aimee and I found a pair in September on the nearby Ciclovia just behind Colegio Menor.

Notable birds seen: Blue-Winged Teal, Spotted Sandpiper, Vermilion Flycatcher, Sand Martin, Barn Swallow, Hooded Siskin.

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